Friday, April 30, 2010

There Be Dragons Here!

Last night, I finished the last drawing.  Today, I made copies and tonight we bound a few!  They are now FOR SALE!!  Twenty-five pages of dragons.  From egg to age.  A variety of wonderful winged-creatures.  A plethora of pointy-headed howlers!  Short and stout, long and thin, they are ready to be given their own color.
below is a better view!  Yes, I had to throw a Chinese Dragon in!  We are STILL in line for China too!
I am really fond of this one!  I love the newborns!
There are spotted ones...
and there are those that love to stop and smell the flowers!!
They are...drum roll, please...DRAGONS!!!!!
  We will bind the rest when we return, but you can buy them NOW!!!


  1. Cora - thanks for stopping by our blog! I definitely want one of these dragon books! My son is obsessed with the "How to Train your Dragon" movie, so I know he would love this! I'm looking forward to reading about your adoption and getting to know you too!

  2. I want thre of them!! My girls have colored every page of the books we bought from you. Time for more!!!

    Please send one for Lauren, Mia Hope, and one to take to China for our Baby Love! I will go make my donation now.

    Love and blessings,