Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Colored pages

Ok we didn't color these because we wanted to, no we are adults and coloring is for kids, right?  Who am I kidding I have beening dying to color a few pages out of our book.  I actually find coloring relaxing and I hope that Aiden will eventually love to sit and color and draw.  I can't wait to buy some big fat crayons for his little hands, until then the coloring is left to Jim and I. 

If you have not looked for a while just look at that theremometer rise!  We are so grateful for the wonderful response that we have recieved.  I would like to start a gallery of sorts, if you have one of our colorbooks and have a wonderfully colored page please take a picture or scan it and I will post it on the blog. You can email us using the button at the top of the sidebar that says "Email us".

Friday, February 19, 2010


Jim and I am both pleasantly surprised by the wonderful response we have had so far to the coloring books.  Thank you everyone that has donated!  We have done so well in the first week that we are making more books this weekend.  Office Depot is having a sale on copies!! YEA! every cent makes a difference at this point.

We have set up a Pay Pal Chip in button in the upper right for your convenience however we know everyone does not have a Pay Pal account or some would just rather use a check.  If you would like to donate that way please click here to email me with the number of books you would like and we'll set them aside and send you our mailing address.

Please scroll down just a little to see our fundraising thermometer, it includes the donations that did not come in through Chip In.

Thank you,
Cora and Jim

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Under the Sea Coloring Book

Below you can see pictures of our first coloring book and it has a theme. Our theme is "Under the Sea." We feel that sea creatures give a greater opportunity for color choice and creativity. You will find all manner of sea creature! Fishes of every shape and size! Crabs, starfish, and sea horses also complement this book. There are twenty-five pages for your little one, or you (we promise to tell no one), to color! There are 25 pages and we have also designed the cover to be colored.

As a substitute teacher I have had the opportunity to test many of these on willing guinea pigs. My students seem to take unbelievable enjoyment in coloring my pictures. What has been more surprising to me is the reaction of high school students to the chance to have a coloring sheet. Even Cora and I have colored a few sheets. It is surprisingly relaxing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hi, Welcome to Color Me Home, a fundraiser to help us bring home our son from Burundi, Africa.  Our names are Jim and Cora and we have been in the process of trying to adopt a child for several years.  On March 30, 2009 we saw the face of our son for the first time, and were instantly in love.  We hope to travel very soon to bring him home but that journey has many expenses.  We have decided to use our talents to help raise some funds to help get us to Africa and back.  Jim is very talented with a pen and paper. He has been drawing pictures for kids to color for years so we have put together a coloring book.  We hope in the future to have a couple different styles of books to choose from but our first book has Under the Sea Theme.
We are asking for a $5 donation and $2 for shipping on the first book and $1 shipping for each additional book.  If you are local and would like us to deliver your book, we would be more than happy to do so, just send us an email or put it in the notes of the chip in button.  Please help us bring our son, Aiden home.

Our hope is that once we are home with our children we will be able to help others adopt by bringing home children one coloring book at a time.