Friday, April 2, 2010

An Example

So, I got a little bored last night and colored one of my drawings from the animal book (some of you may not have gotten this one, it is a late addition.  If you ask I will send a copy along with your next book).  It was my best attempt to show a Llama in its Andes home...what do you think?  I may put together a "how to" list of coloring do's and don'ts...for instance look at my clouds.  Do you think anyone would be interested?

Now for the coming to a coloring book site near you:  I have been working on and off on a few different coloring books.  One would be an ALL DRAGONS coloring book.  Another is the long discussed Dinosaur coloring book.  But, to address a subject that girls will definitely enjoy, Cora and I have been collaborating on a Story/coloring book.  That coloring book will have a short story that accompanies and compliments the coloring pages.  Be assured there will be castles, knights, and fair maidens among other make believe creatures!

Below is an early attempt at a dragon.  This one is a unique picture and I drew it and colored it last night.  This is similar to what you might find in the ALL DRAGONS book.  There will be pictures of Dragons in all phases of life.  I suspect there will be MANY different kinds of dragons, too.  For now, though, I hope you can see the possibilities!     
We have not sold as many coloring books this week, but I have not been out to the schools because of Spring Break.  I do continue to work on the different books.  I hope you are enjoying one of my books now, and if you aren't, I hope you will.

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  1. How unique. You can learn a lot from a true artist. Whoever thought adults would get all that excited about coloring in a coloring book, but I think it's fun. But in my case it might be "second childhood". I hope not.