Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Introducing the long awaited Transportation Color Me Home book!!  This is for those of you with that urge to get AWAY!  In this edition, we have furnished you with the keys to travel beyond the doldrums of your regular coloring book.  
These hand-drawn designs run the gamut: airplanes, cars, boats, and more.  For good measure, we threw in a bulldozer to push other coloring books aside!  If that doesn't work there is also a tow-truck to pull them out of the way!  If you worry someone might want to steal your coloring book; don't!  We have supplied a police car, too!  We have everything for your young one's flights of fancy.

You may have thought that transportation books were for boys only, but you would be wrong!  Many of my female students have expressed a great drive to color some of these transportation sheets.  I have had more than a few mom's ask for this Transportation edition.  We even had orders before all of them were drawn.

When ordering, please indicate if you would like Under the Sea or Transportaion you can make a note when you use Chip In or email us any time.  Also please include delivery instructions if you are local or send us an email we would love to hear from you!

Don't forget to send us pictures of those colored sheets so that we can proudy display them in our gallery!!  We are sure your young ones will love to have their "Materpieces" on display where their families can view them!

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