Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Colored pages

Ok we didn't color these because we wanted to, no we are adults and coloring is for kids, right?  Who am I kidding I have beening dying to color a few pages out of our book.  I actually find coloring relaxing and I hope that Aiden will eventually love to sit and color and draw.  I can't wait to buy some big fat crayons for his little hands, until then the coloring is left to Jim and I. 

If you have not looked for a while just look at that theremometer rise!  We are so grateful for the wonderful response that we have recieved.  I would like to start a gallery of sorts, if you have one of our colorbooks and have a wonderfully colored page please take a picture or scan it and I will post it on the blog. You can email us using the button at the top of the sidebar that says "Email us".

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