Monday, March 22, 2010


Finally!  The Animals are ready!  In our newest color book you can find a pig, a rhino, some giraffes, gazelles, a tiger, and more!!  Let your child go wild with domesticated animals or let them enjoy the call of the Serengeti!  With luck we will have a batch printed by mid-week and bound by the weekend!  We will begin taking orders now, though.  

I start drawing Dinosaurs this week.  And then???


  1. And then...castles, dragons and royalty?!!

  2. We want an animal book!

    I think you need to go girly next!

  3. We'd love to buy a coloring book. Can't seem to access your email. Could you email me?

    Love your idea, and would love to support your adoption.

  4. This is the best fundraiser I've seen - great idea! We just ordered an animals book and a dragons book. Keep 'em coming!!