Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Couple Pages From the Animal Book

Jim and I can not resist coloring a few sheets ourselves.  You can probably tell but the top is Cora's and the bottom is Jim's. Please email us a picture of yours (or your kid's) finished pages so that we can include the masterpieces in our Gallery! 

I have also updated the thermometer! Check it out, we are overwhelmed by the response!  

If you read the family blog you may know that we have had some set backs in the last week and we have some decisions to make.  Once we have a better grasp on what is going on we will make sure to fill everyone in.  One thing that we can say for sure is that we are committed to becoming parents and we continue to hope that it will happen very soon. 

Monday, March 22, 2010


Finally!  The Animals are ready!  In our newest color book you can find a pig, a rhino, some giraffes, gazelles, a tiger, and more!!  Let your child go wild with domesticated animals or let them enjoy the call of the Serengeti!  With luck we will have a batch printed by mid-week and bound by the weekend!  We will begin taking orders now, though.  

I start drawing Dinosaurs this week.  And then???

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Few Finished Products!

Cora and I sat down tonight with a fresh set of colored pencils and tried our hands at coloring some of the Transportation collection!  We think these are just a hint at the wonderful things your kids (and let's face it, you, too) can do!!!  We started coloring them to show how they can look, but they are simply so much FUN to color we each did two!  What do you think?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're on Facebook!

I created a page for Color Me Home on Facebook.  I am hoping that it will help spread the word about our fundraiser.  So if you are on Facebook become a fan and help us spread the word about our fantastic coloring books for a great cause.  I am also going to be adding a few things to this site, some links at the top to our introduction,  gallery, my blog, etc.  And don't worry I'll be pushing Jim for the next version of the color book, I know you are all waiting.  

Monday, March 8, 2010

Thermometer Update

Wow, I can't believe how well our coloring books are selling.  I have updated our Thermometer to the right it does not look like it has moved much but I made a mistake and I did not take out the cost of the coloring books.  We have sold about 101 coloring books so far about 25 of those are the new Transportation version the rest are the still popular Under the Sea.  I think the next version to come out will be Animals or Dino's or Animals & Dino's but who knows I am not the ARTIST :0).  I think I am just the manager and binder.  I know there are many people waiting the next coloring book.

Thank you all for helping.  I hope to start the gallery page up soon so get me a picture of your colored pages to be included.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Introducing the long awaited Transportation Color Me Home book!!  This is for those of you with that urge to get AWAY!  In this edition, we have furnished you with the keys to travel beyond the doldrums of your regular coloring book.  
These hand-drawn designs run the gamut: airplanes, cars, boats, and more.  For good measure, we threw in a bulldozer to push other coloring books aside!  If that doesn't work there is also a tow-truck to pull them out of the way!  If you worry someone might want to steal your coloring book; don't!  We have supplied a police car, too!  We have everything for your young one's flights of fancy.

You may have thought that transportation books were for boys only, but you would be wrong!  Many of my female students have expressed a great drive to color some of these transportation sheets.  I have had more than a few mom's ask for this Transportation edition.  We even had orders before all of them were drawn.

When ordering, please indicate if you would like Under the Sea or Transportaion you can make a note when you use Chip In or email us any time.  Also please include delivery instructions if you are local or send us an email we would love to hear from you!

Don't forget to send us pictures of those colored sheets so that we can proudy display them in our gallery!!  We are sure your young ones will love to have their "Materpieces" on display where their families can view them!