Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Story! Color Me Home!!

There once was a family who wanted a little one.  That much is true, but that is not how this story begins.  It actually begins, “Once upon a time there was a kingdom with a castle…” 
The STORY is done!!  It has a name, too!  We titled it, “Color Me Home.”  Considering that it is a story about a dragon looking for a home and it is ALSO a coloring book…well, that is just an AWESOME title!  And Cora gets the credit for writing it and titling it.  All I did was draw some pictures.  So, without further ado, here are a few pictures.
These will be on sale at the Moxee Hop Festival!  We have not sold any of these yet.  YOU!  Could be the first one on your block to own one!!  Yes, these will be gone before you know it and then where will you be?  The STORY is where it’s at!! 
The Hop Festival is free.  There will be plenty of activities for kids and the entire family!!  There will be great food and great entertainment!  It is the place to be this weekend!!  Drop on by and see us!!  If you mention that you are a follower of our blog (this blog) you get a free pack of crayons!!  Come out and see us!!!!! 
August 6th from 5pm to midnight and 7th starting at 7AM!!!  Come out and have some fun!!



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